Friday, February 16, 2007

Snippets of a Friday

Today's highlights, as culled from sent e-mails:

First message of the day, 7:19 AM

Oh god, I think I may still be drunk.

About a stupid boy

And I stood there thinking, "Um, hello? Have we met? Yes, because I am QUEEN of fun! casual! relationships. I do SO EXCEEDINGLY WELL at them, yes, that's definitely what I'm after."

Regarding my offer to bring dessert to a dinner party, which was met by an inquiry as to my access to a local bakery

BAKERY??? Dude, dessert comes from my kitchen!

The response came back addressed to "Dudess."

About another stupid boy

Unfortunately, we run into the really nice body problem. As in, he has one and I would like to be in charge of it.


At Tue Feb 20, 07:48:00 AM PST, Anonymous Superfantastic said...

It's just as funny the second time around!


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