Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Addendum the first: I will TRY to capture for you the madness that will surely ensue over the next five days, but the hours dedicated to sleep will be precious few. You might lose out to my pillow once or twice. (Also? Wireless internet access is not guaranteed. The nerve!)

Addendum the second: If you get a call on Election night that's full of incoherent babbling and lots of excited screaming in the background? Yeah, that's probably me. Politely hang up and plan on having a real conversation with me the following week.

(If you need to do some excited screaming and incoherent babbling of your own, feel free to call me, as I'm sure I'll be up long after the polls close.)

Addendum the third: I promise you'll be the first to know if any noteworthy Election Day activities take place.

(Mwah ha ha, ever the politician -- look at me promising you things I know I'll never have to follow through on!)


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