Tuesday, March 07, 2006

What, You Wanted Actual Stories???

I'm back. DC, fun. Work, crazy. As in, CA-RA-ZY. Hence my brain is thinking in two-word sentences because that's all I really have time for but I had to post something lest you (1) think I'm dead; (2) hate me for not updating, like, ever, jeez; (3) are tired of being depressed out of your mind reading that last post. Cuz yes, I would be, too, if I read that one on a daily basis. Luckily, I don't.

Anyway, entertain yourself with the archives while I try to pull myself out of the ever-deepening swamp that is my workload. Sorry, kids, you're not my top priority. But don't worry, I feel plenty of guilt about not posting. I'm Catholic, we're good at that.

Also, if anyone knows a good way to add four hours to my day, will you please share your secret time machine with me? Please?


At Tue Mar 07, 12:49:00 PM PST, Anonymous Alan said...

The secret?

Adderall XR.

That is all.

(I guess amphetamines work, too, but I'd be worried about your teeth falling out. Or marrying your brother.)

At Wed Mar 08, 06:46:00 AM PST, Anonymous lisa said...

I had to go to training meetings last week which made it FEEL like my days were 4 hours longer! But that probably doesn't help...

At Sat Mar 11, 02:23:00 PM PST, Anonymous Conserned Sitizen Steve said...

I also do not want her marrying her brother.


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