Monday, March 20, 2006


A sure sign that it's spring: I painted my toenails for the first time this year.

I actually thought that as I painted my toenails last night, in anticipation of christening my peep-toe pumps. Imagine my surprise this morning when NPR informed me it was, in fact, the first day of spring!

I know, you're thinking that the prevalence of blooming plants would have tipped me off to spring's arrival, or maybe the close of basketball season, or perhaps even that line on the calendar that reads "Spring Begins."

(Do you like how I take more pictures of things near my office than near my home? That's because I'm never home when the sun is up.)

But no. The toenail-painting extravaganza was entirely practical: I wanted to wear my peep-toe shoes and I sure couldn't let my ugly toe be seen by the general public. I wasn't even convinced that nail polish would cover the ugly, but thankfully it did.

(Because it's been awhile since I regaled you with shoe pictures.)

So, either I'm completely oblivious to my surroundings and focus only on beautifying myself, or I'm strangely in tune with the changing of the seasons. Just send some Birkenstocks, in care of Moonbeam.

NCAA TOURNEY UPDATE: There's a tear in my beer over Wisconsin's first-round loss to Arizona Friday. But, take heart, Badgers! You're in good company.

CENSURE UPDATE: Oh, Russ, how could I have doubted you? Tom Harkin has come out in support of your resolution. Sort of. And maybe one other person. Please forgive my errant ways.


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