Wednesday, March 15, 2006

From the Annals of "I Am Not an Alcoholic"

Beer makes everything better.

I left work today with a headache that started shortly after lunch. And then I decided to pick up my new wireless router and set that up tonight. Because, of course, implementing new technology is guaranteed to be a relaxing, stress-free experience. After that, I had taxes to finish. Then I thought maybe I'd juggle knives or something.

On the drive home, dreading what the evening held in store, and trying to come up with an idea for dinner, I passed a Budweiser Select billboard and realized, I have beer in the fridge! Dinner? Solved. Headache? Gone. The wireless router? Took less than an hour to install, put the security settings at some crazy high level, discover those security settings weren't going to happen, re-install, set the security level at a much more reasonable level, and now I'm writing from the couch. Not bad. Sometimes, I impress even myself. I love technology. When it works. (Also, someone please take the beer away if you ever witness me drinking a Budweiser product. Ugh.)

The taxes? Well, those can wait one more day. Or thirty. But I did get introduced to "the girls" of America's Next Top Model, cycle 6. And at this point, I don't want any of them to win. Miss Tyra, your crown is safe...for now. (Christal, I hold you personally responsible for the fact that I even know this vacuous piece of, uh, entertainment? exists. And Kelly, I really didn't need to know what channel it's on. On what day. At what time. But thanks to you, I do. So instead of watching an afternoon of ANTM re-runs on VH1, I now have the pleasure of following it. Week. By. Week.)

And now, in my alcohol-induced state of relaxation, I'm headed to bed.


At Thu Mar 16, 02:17:00 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, I don't read this very often, and I may well never read it again, now that you've insulted me and one of my favorite summer-time... and winter-time... and noon-time, night-time, anytime's-the-right-time beverage brands. No you di'ent.

I do like that you credited me on Adele, though--that was a rare stroke of perfect intuition. It was like she spoke to me, insisting we recognize her currently chic great-granny handle.

At Thu Mar 16, 03:15:00 PM PST, Anonymous clk said...

Don't blame me for your new addition. Admiting you have a problem is the first step!!!


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