Monday, January 09, 2006

I Hate Technology

I had a post. A long, beautiful post, with wonderful anecdotes. And somewhere in telling the computer to change the font, it decided I wanted to delete the post. All of it. So now I have 1/3 of a post--the last version saved--from at least half an hour ago. Stupid technology. I hate you.

UPDATE: I'm on version 3 of this post, so at least I know now what the website did when it eviscerated the other post. But it still doesn't bring back my long, beautiful post. Fuckers. Guess who will be composing her future posts in Word first, so this never happens again?

Sorry kids, I'll try again tomorrow. Maybe it'll be better the second time around.


At Wed Jan 11, 01:03:00 PM PST, Blogger Lori H said...

I love a woman who can comfortably say "fuckers" in a post. Bless you Kate, I miss hanging out. I admire your resilience in finding a solution to the verbal evisceration, i.e. Word first. Bill Gates appreciates your free marketing despite your post's title.

Unfortunately, my only bitch of the day related to technology is that our server at the office takes 30-60 seconds to open or save documents from the network. How absolutely annoying! All I want to do is update a calculation in one cell and it takes, overall, minutes, not seconds, out of my life.

I'll look forward to the initial post and know that it's better now in its 2nd or 3rd iteration.


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