Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Recap

Well it's been a busy week of eating chocolate by the pound (lovingly provided by Steve, who still has the metabolism of a young man, unlike the rest of us) and wearing my pajamas all day long and checking my e-mail only once a day. Exhausting work, I tell you, which explains the near-daily naps.

I think I also managed to confuse the hell out of my mother by alternately talking about how ready I am to be a housewife (tongue-in-cheek, as I had just cooked dinner for the first time in the past three weeks) and then openly obsessing over career-related things that would leave little time for a personal life, let alone marriage and children any time in the next century. (For the record, I WILL HAVE IT ALL, JUST WATCH ME. Hey! Stop laughing. I'm not kidding.)

Alas, the Christmas excitement is over, though the joy of my new egg separator will last for years to come. Now I'm back in California, attending to various work details, grocery shopping, and continuing the Christmas card death march, three weeks late, while watching football and drinking beer. Emily Post is probably rolling over in her grave. But I'll be sure to include thank you messages to those who sent me gifts. Surely that counts for something, right?

And now it's the high-pressure New Year's Eve. To make resolutions or not to make resolutions? That is the question. Followed shortly by, what, exactly, shall I resolve? I guess, since I actually have a place to document them, I may as well. Then perhaps I can even refer back to them, making them, you know, actually useful. (Did I make resolutions last year? No idea.)

The old stand-by: Be a kinder, more patient person. Yes, this is like the fifteenth consecutive year I've resolved to do this. Continual improvement is clearly required.

Physical health: Go to the gym every day. Seriously. Whine all you want, but there are no good excuses for missing it.

Financial health: Save, save, save, save, save.

Mental health: Read books. Maybe even ones that you can't read in a seven-hour plane trip and are more than the print equivalent of a chick flick. And that New York Times subscription you pay for? Try to make use of it more than once a quarter.

And you? How was Christmas with the fam? Did you make any resolutions for 2007? And do we get to place bets as to how long they'll last?


At Mon Jan 01, 08:11:00 PM PST, Anonymous Horrible Warning said...

Well, you've heard about my holiday. I'm sorry.

As far as resolutions go, about 18 minutes for me. Just a guess...

At Wed Jan 03, 09:20:00 AM PST, Blogger Carolie said...

Good luck with the resolutions are to write more, worry less, have less guilt, and excercise!

And HURRAY that you "get it" about all twelve days of Christmas. I love Epiphany (and I love the word!) Your Christmas cards are not going out late...everyone else's went out before the holiday even began!


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