Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I Suppose I Should Update You, Huh?

I survived my week in DC and am now safely back on the Left Coast, where it is 20 degrees colder than it was in DC, and that is Just Not Right.

Last week's head-fuckery is over and I did not toss myself off the Key Bridge, so I've got that going for me, which is nice. I'm beginning to suspect that God is like the Marines, wherein they tear you to pieces so they can then rebuild you stronger. The tearing apart was Tuesday. But by the end of the week, my head was once again screwed on straight. Or, uh, as straight as usual.

In other, there is no other news. Christmas cards are delayed indefinitely, as they still have not written themselves. (And? Why the hell do I have 100 people to send Christmas cards to? I'm not generally known as a likeable person. Why do all these people insist upon liking me?) The package I sent to my sister 2-3 day Priority Mail still has not arrived, despite my sending it ten days ago. Joy. My house is remotely clean, and thank god because I'm having a friend over tonight for a little wine-and-appetizer soiree, and she could totally rat me and my housekeeping skills out to the entire internet. Holiday decorations are woefully lacking, though. (Read: there are none.) Perhaps another bottle of wine will make up for it.

My body is still on Eastern Time, which is just as well because I'm headed home this weekend. However, it does explain why I was pretty much passed out by 8:30 last night, was vacuuming the house at 7:30 this morning and, in a conversation with my boss, he actually stopped mid-sentence to ask, "Is it really before 6 AM in California right now?" Um, yes. Please don't hate me.

Last weekend was replete with holiday gatherings, which made my being in DC nothing short of miraculous, because I sure don't get to plan my life that way. I have very little photographic evidence of the festivities, but here! Have this one and feel all Christmasy!

I mean, does this look like a woman who doesn't have her shit together? I didn't think so. But she sure doesn't have memorized InStyle's tips for taking a great picture -- sheesh! Photoshop can only help you so much, darling.


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