Thursday, June 08, 2006

Oh, Happy Day

Things I am not so enamored with right now:
  • Work deadlines that interfere with my vacation plans
    Dad: Is that work?
    Me: Yes.

    ten minutes later

    Mom: Are you working?
    Me: Yes.
    Mom: Doesn't look like vacation to me.
    Me: Doesn't feel like vacation either.

  • Sinuses that feel like, given the right barometric pressure conditions, they might actually come shooting out of my face.

  • Corollary: Grocery store that is out of the generic, non-methamphetamine producing version of Sudafed, leaving my choice as a consumer to (a) spend a lot of money on the brand name version or (b) go sign my name to a piece of paper pledging that, yes, really, I will consume these drugs in their current state and not accidentally set the kitchen on fire while trying to distill the Sudafed into its finer form.

  • Other corollary: brain that cannot possibly hold onto a single thought for more than two seconds. Makes knocking out the work thing oh so easy.

  • Random, smarmy man at O'Hare who was insulted when I told him he wasn't my perfect man. Dude, twenty minutes of conversation, did you honestly think I would reach a different conclusion?
  • Chicago traffic, which dictates that we leave at 6:30 this morning to get there by 9/9:30. That light at the end of the tunnel had better be attached to a Starbucks, is all I'm sayin'.

Things I am genuinely happy about:
  • Tan in a bottle. It works! Without making you look stupid!

  • Going to Chicago to see King Tut. And Steve. But mostly a dead Egyptian guy and his stuff.

  • The U.S. Senate, which once again earned its title as our more deliberative legislative body.

  • Knowing I can sleep in tomorrow. Hurrah!


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