Saturday, January 21, 2006

How Much Do I Love PBS?

Love. Love love love. LOVE.

See why. My VCR (yes, I still have a VCR. Shut up.) has been programmed for weeks. And I'll check it again today. Probably more than once.

In addition to tonight's lovefest, I have recently enjoyed Blues Traveler and Coldplay, thanks to the good folks at PBS and Austin City Limits and KLRU. But I can do without the Elvis Costello and the Lyle Lovett, ok? Also, Ryan needs -- needs -- the entire hour. What is this business about sharing time with some Tift Merritt chick? WTF? Outside of that, I love you. Love love love. So much that I may be compelled to make a charitable, tax-deductible donation just to make sure there's future love. Preferably of musicians I love. I'll send you a list if you need ideas.

While we're on the subject of public broadcasting love (which is definitely not as hot as it sounds), last night I discovered the depths of my true dork-dom: I was watching -- well, eating dinner and reading mail in front of -- The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer and some reporter was all blah blah blah about the pissing match the Feds have gotten in with Google, and I thought, "Oh crap! I bet it's 6:30! Shit! I'm missing Marketplace!" And, indeed, it was 6:32 pm, so I had to turn off the public broadcast television programming and turn on my public broadcast radio programming. Because it was the last installment of their week in China! And that doesn't happen very often! Kai Ryssdal hasn't been to China in eight years! You think I'm going to miss 20% of the broadcasting-from-China time to hear some law professors blather on about Google and Alberto Gonzales and the ACLU and I've already heard this story like sixteen million times today? Hey-yell no. Please do not tell Mr. Lehrer, for it will hurt his feelings. And he doesn't even have Mr. McNeill with whom to share the blame anymore.

But, tonight. TOTALLY DIFFERENT. Osama bin Laden could be delivering the State of the Union live on NPR and still I would not turn off Austin City Limits. And miss seeing Ryan Adams "live" in concert from the comfort of my own bed??? As if!


At Sun Jan 22, 11:48:00 AM PST, Anonymous clk said...

Some day Carl Kasell will be on my voice mail!!!


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