Thursday, January 26, 2006

Happy Birthday, Stevers!!!

Yes, that's right, today is my little brother's birthday. And I, as the big sister, have the duty of informing the Internet and providing embarrassing pictures of you. It says so right in my contract. See?

Anyway, today (and it's still the 26th here in California...aren't time zones grand?) is Steve's 23rd birthday. Which merely serves to make me old, old, old. But that's ok. Cuz he's really a pretty good kid (despite that high school propensity to refer to me as a dirty little whore, completely unprovoked) who loved dinosaurs and went to Space Camp and is now graduated from college and is an actor and works in finance and teaches improv classes and is listed on and everything. (Go look him up! But I will not link you directly to him, because you are not allowed to stalk him, random Internet people. So, if you don't know our last name in real life, I apologize, but again remind you that I am the big sister in this equation, and this is how it's gonna be.)


This picture was taken in January 1983, according to the note on the back. So, my math skills say you were approximately one week old. Or less. Or it was actually from February, but, really, who's gonna know? It was probably the day you came home from the hospital. Mom would know. I still remember being woken up and taken to the neighbors' in my pajamas the night you were born. Which is pretty good, considering I was only four and did not yet have a firm grasp on Where Babies Come From. (And, thanks to Catholic schooling, that firm grasp didn't arrive until sometime in high school. No, college. But that's a different story.)

In short, Happy Birthday, little bro. Don't forget me when you've written, scored, choreographed, are directing, producing, and starring in the hottest show on Broadway. Please? I'll come see it, I promise!


At Fri Jan 27, 01:01:00 AM PST, Anonymous Sara Uckelman said...

My gosh! I grew up with someone who now has an entry in IMDB! I can bask in reflected glory.

Give Steven a blast from the past and tell him happy birthday from Sara Friedemann. :)

At Fri Jan 27, 01:58:00 AM PST, Anonymous MEEEEEEEEEEE said...

i'm only seven years away from being able to truly appreciate the golden rich flavor of miller genuine draft, hooray!

last year on my birthday i got a couple commuter trains crashing into each other, a school bus carrying some children rolling over, and what was up to that point the deadliest day of U.S. involvement in iraq! this year, all i woke up to was an end to those silly hopes of peace in the middle east--it's gonna be a good year!!!

also, a disclaimer:
be warned that it is truly the saddest imdb profile ever; however, you can happily waste many an hour trying to figure out in what way i'm only four degrees from kevin bacon (an ice cold m.g.d. to anyone who can successfully execute that, on kate).


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