Sunday, January 01, 2006

White House Material

Originally written September 1, 2005

Thanks, Steve, for putting things into perspective. In a recent conversation about relationships (and how weird is it to have a conversation with your little brother about grown-up relationships?) Steve shared with me this little gem.

I call it "being White House material," and some people just aren't. Why would you date someone who's not? You know what you need and want from someone. You, more than any of us, would be the one to say, "Forget it. You're not White House material," and move on.

This shorthand really encapsulates so many of those intangibles that I need from someone. Beyond the usual--smart, funny, nice to old ladies and puppies--I need someone who's politically engaged, intellectually curious, comfortable in a room full of strangers, charming without being smarmy, and displays both strength and grace under fire. Truly, White House material.


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