Sunday, January 01, 2006

A California Girl? Not Exactly, but Getting There.

Originally written June 16, 2005

Sometime last week the realization struck me: I live in California now. Yes, I know, this should not have come as a surprise, as I have technically been residing in Sacramento since March 29. But it took this long for the concept to really sink in. I think it was a combination of factors--little, everyday things that are a normal part of life--all rolled up in one week.

I got my hair cut. Not such a huge deal, but I made a conscious effort to find a stylist here, rather than trying to squeeze a haircut in the next time I'm in DC. Whenever that is. A small step, really, but symbolic.

And I attended a business dinner in Sonoma, two hours away from here, at a restaurant I've been to. I forgot to print directions to the restaurant, but it didn't matter because once I got close to town, I recognized where I was and knew exactly where I needed to be. And it's been three months since I was there last...Sonoma was one of the first places I went in California!

Finally, I made out with a guy. Again, nothing extraordinary, but certainly noteworthy. The fact that I was, in some remote corner of my mind, considering dating someone who (a) lives in California, (b) has always lived in California, and (c) probably won't leave California speaks volumes.

And then it ocurred to me that I hadn't told him I'm probably only here for two years. When did that information disappear from my introductory remarks? It used to be one of the first five things someone would know about me. 1. my name; 2. my employer; 3. the fact that I just moved here from DC; 4. the job is temporary until...well, no one's really sure, but probably a year or two; 5. yeah, I loved DC and plan on going back there when this gig is up.

Is that still the plan? Probably, but one never knows. The idea of sticking around here isn't as mind-boggling as it once was. But, as I'm fond of telling people, nine months ago I wouldn't have believed you if you told me I'd be in California right now. Anything could happen.


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